Pics from Day 3

On Day 3, we left Bruges and headed to Ypres, which was right in the middle of WWI, and was the site of over 500,000 deaths during the war. The city itself was shelled constantly for 4 years by the Germans, ending in the almost complete destruction of the city. After the war, the city was completely rebuilt, and as you can see, it’s absolutely stunning. We parked by the Menin Gate, which is the start of the road that the British walked down to get to the battlefields. In it are inscribed the names of soldiers missing from the war (over 55,000 soldiers.) After that, we toured a huge church, and then hit the Flanders Fields museum, which holds many artifacts of the battles in and around Ypres.

We left Ypres and headed toward Paschendale, and arrived at the Tyne-Cot cemetery, one that is incredibly beautiful while at the same time quite moving. After that, we came to the St Bernardus brewery, where we stayed the night at the Bed & Breakfast. At the moment, we finished a delicious breakfast and are now heading next door for our private tour. Enjoy the pics!

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