WB-Day+6: The road to Bastogne

I’m writing this on our 4 hour trip from the Mereville Battery, Normandy, to Chimay, Belgium, our second Trappist Brewery after Westvleteran.

We spent the last 3 days driving up and down the D-Day Invasion areas, from St. Mere Eglise to Benouville. This is my third time to the area and I’m still amazed at the immense scope of the undertaking, and of course learning new things.

One of the two new “experiential” museums we discovered was the 360 Experience in Arromanches – a very emotional depiction of the invasion and liberation of Normandy using surround sound and 360 degrees of real war footage. The other was a fantastic sound, light, and smoke “show” in a real gun encasement in Mereville.

Wine is the drink of choice in France and there isn’t much of a selection of beer, and every one you can find is relatively clear and tasteless. Things should get more interesting now as we enter Trappist Country in eastern Belgium.

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