Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the morning, we awoke to bright sun and a wonderful breakfast in the hotel cafe, after which we walked from the hotel on a convenient bike path which took us straight north to the village of Foy which was prominently featured in HBO series Band of Brothers.  We were able to locate a monument to the 101st Airborne near the Bois Jacques, where the paratroopers were shelled by the Germans stationed in the village of Foy.  The foxholes are still there!  We then walked the same line that the US soldiers did when they attacked Foy and successfully displaced the Germans in the last days of the Battle of the Bulge.  What an amazing history in this small, remote village that has changed little since Winter 1944.

A short mile to the northwest of Foy is another small village called Recogne.  What’s intriguing about this place is that there is a beautiful, haunting German cemetery here, where they buried vanquished Germans 3 to 4 soldiers per grave.  Also, there is a monument to a former American cemetery that was disinterred in the 1950′s.  Cows now graze the field where 3,000 Americans were once buried and were later moved to other cemeteries in Luxemburg or back to the States.

We walked the 4 miles back to Bastogne and thus earned our first beers of the day, which included my first La Trappe, at a quaint bar tucked into a side street off the main square.

Next, we had an early dinner of burgers and fries at Cafe Le Nuts and conversed with an American couple who was touring Europe.  The husband was on leave from the Middle East and a soldier in the 101st Airborne.

We passed the evening back at Hotel du Sud drinking Ciney Brunes with the male proprietor.

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