Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow, another morning of brilliant sunshine!  We spent the day kicking around Bastogne checking out various points of interest including the large Mardesson Monument to America’s critical role in the battle of the Bulge. Shaped like a five pointed star, it has inscribed on its walls the story of the Bulge for posterity.

(Paul – memory not serving me well here.)

In the evening, we searched for the church of Renee Lemaire, the Angel of Bastogne, whose story was featured so poignantly in Band of Brothers. It turns out that the church was located just behind our hotel, but we were also looking for the area that served as a first aid station, but to no avail. (In Band of Brothers, the church served as the first aid station, but this is incorrect according to eyewitnesses of the event.  Rather it was a small store that was converted into an aid station.)

Upon our arrival back at the hotel, we could see our drinking mate in the bar and we again passed the evening drinking Ciney Brunes with him, as he pulled out a poster of the 101st Airborne which was signed by returning vets in recent years.

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