Sunday, May 23, 2010

The sun rose again to illuminate our early morning drive along the rolling, hilly farmland from Chateau-Thierry back to Charles De Gaulle.  Paul and I were anxious to leave this strange, dirty village with it’s creepy townsfolk and begin our long journey home to Madison, Wisconsin.  Well, a long journey by 21st Century standards.

Fortunately, our one hour long drive was uneventful, and with the sun at our backs, we made it to the airport and through Hertz return processing.  We were going to bitch about the crappy Magellan GPS for a credit but didn’t have the energy.  We had larger concerns, like getting Paul’s bottle of Calvados through security in carry-on luggage.  Ramsi Yousef and security won, so the Calvados was destroyed by French authorities one glass at a time.

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