You have seen HBO’s Band of Brothers mini-series, and wanted to know more. Perhaps you bought the book that inspired it, Stephen Ambrose’s Band of Brothers, or one of his other well-known books, Citizen Soldiers or even Pegasus Bridge. Bursting with information and the burning desire to learn more, the only thing left to do is go there.

“I can’t do that. It’s too hard,” you might say. We created this site to tell you yes, you can!

The planning for our May, 2010 trip to France and Belgium started a few years back when we discovered that we not only shared a mutual interest in World War II and really good beer, but also the desire to actually tour these historic sites and nearby breweries.  We had each taken a trip to Normandy before, Jeff with a friend who is the son of a D-Day veteran, and Paul with his wife and daughter. For both of us, the first trip fueled the longing to go again.

We had both traveled Europe extensively in the past and we fortunately shared the same opinion of the type of journey that we like to make.  We think it was the type of trip most people would like to take.  We wanted independence (meaning no large tour group), flexibility, balance (not just history 100% of the time), comfort (no backpacking, 2nd class trains nor youth hostels), and good food, beer, wine and cigars (Cuban, of course!) – at economical prices!

So, after some negotiating on the home front (we both have three kids – actually, Paul’s wife was pregnant with their third during our trip), we headed for the war front.

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