Pictures From Day 6

Day 6 took us to a couple more WWII sites in the morning, and then we made the drive back to Belgium from France. We headed first to the Pegasus Bridge site. This was an operation by the British to capture and hold a key bridge in the area, as it was vital to move forward from the initial landing zones. They swooped down in gliders, with some landing roughly 150 feet from their objective. The soldiers caught little resistance as the Germans were completely caught off-guard, although this did mark the first casualty of D-Day, but also marked the 1st building liberated on D-Day. The bridge itself was replaced in the 90′s, but they moved the original to a museum just over a small field. It’s an incredibly important event for the D-Day invasion, and remains a key historical site.

After that we stopped to check the Battery at Merville at the recommendation of Chris and Erick(sp) that we met in St Mere Eglise’. The bunkers were in pretty good shape, but what made this a nice site to visit was that they setup each bunker like almost mini museums, with different displays in each, ending with a pretty cool multimedia experience in a the largest bunker. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area.

On our travels back to Belgium, we chose to take more of the country roads instead of the expensive toll roads, and we happened-upon the town of Brie (which is also the name of the region, and yes, that’s where the cheese originated.) We tried to get lodgingin the town of Chimay but couldn’t, so we were pointed to a smal B&B in a town called Lompret, which is nestled in a deep valley about 5km from Chimay. It was a fantastic place, and such an incredibly charming town. We walked down to have dinner, and were pleased to see that Chimay was available for the equivalent of around $3 a bottle, and the food was fantastic as well. I’m convinced that we couldn’t have found a better place to stay for the night for sure.